anonymousfI am a 36 year old stay at home mom (kids age 13, 10, 9 and 8) with some health issues, and we don’t have a lot of money. My husband works two jobs to support us and I take care of the house and kids. We manage but just barely.

Last year I got a jury duty notice in the mail. There’s no way I could leave the kids to spend days in a courthouse so I looked at the back of the form to see what I could check off to get out of it. It had a box for something like “full time caregiver” so I checked it off and filled in the details and sent it back. A few weeks after that I got a form letter saying my “appeal was denied.”

That sounded crazy so I called the courthouse. I had to wait on the phone forever but finally talked to a woman who didn’t really have much sympathy. She said my kids were all school aged so I could do jury duty because they’d be in school. I asked who would take care of them when they came home and she said “it doesn’t matter, a relative or a friend.” I told her I didn’t have anyone who could do that but she didn’t care, she said the appeal was denied.

I didn’t know what to do next so I went online and searched for stuff about getting out of jury duty. One of the things I read on a messageboard talked about fake doctors notes so I looked into it and found that they’re easy to get and hardly ever get challenged. Read our homepage for more info on notes.

There’s no way I would leave my kids at home along so I didn’t see any other choice, and I found a great site that had all kinds of fake doctor excuses. Since I already have some trouble getting around anyway, I got one from a chiropractor and made it say that I wasn’t mobile for hours at a time. I sent it in as a medical excuse, and it only took two weeks before I was excused. It was amazing, they didn’t care about my kids, but took the fake doctor note without a question.

What makes this story really important for my family is that this year my husband got a jury duty notice and there’s no way he can take time off from work, we just can’t afford it. This time we didn’t even worry about it, he got his own fake doctors note and got out of jury duty right away. They have really saved my family. Thank you.

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