anonymousMy name is Sam, and I’m the kind of person who has always tried to do the right thing. I play by the rules and obey the laws. I went to school, studied hard, got good grades, got my degree and started a career. At work I did my job well and advanced to middle management. It let me have a nice house for my family while I did work that I really loved.

But I guess good things don’t always happen to good people, because my boss almost ruined my life. I’m not the type of person who would even dream of using something like a fake doctor’s note, but it completely saved my career.

I was meeting my quotas and knew I was doing a good job but for some reason, my immediate supervisor hated me. Maybe he thought I was a threat to him, I’ll probably never know. At any rate, he started harassing me. First it was just little comments, then he was rejecting my work for no reason, and finally he started giving me projects that made no sense and couldn’t be completed as they were laid out. Whenever I couldn’t deliver what he had asked for I got warning letters. He was obviously laying things out so that he could fire me.

I went to human resources, I sent memos to higher-ups in the company, but nothing helped. I knew I was close to being canned, so I found an inexpensive lawyer who dealt with employment issues.

What he said shocked me. He said we could go to court, but it would be expensive and might hurt my ability to ever work anywhere else. He suggested something I never would have done on my own, getting a fake doctors letter that said I had a medical condition which required me to work at home. It would get me away from my boss and let the company see that I was really a productive and valuable employee. Need doctor’s notes visit our homepage.

I spent a couple of sleepless nights thinking about doing something that’s completely unlike me. But I did it. I got a fake doctor note saying that I had degenerative disc disease and couldn’t move around easily, and supported it with several other fake hospital letters documenting ER visits and admissions. Of course, I also limped around the office very slowly to support my claims.

Within a month, HR had approved my request to work at home. Not only have I gotten away from that boss (who I hear is close to being fired himself now, because he did the same thing to someone else), my productivity increased and I’ve gotten a raise.

I still live my life obeying the rules, but I’m glad I skirted the rules on this one, It was a job-saver.

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