Deadly Existing Foods In America

Today there is a great abundance of proper health practices. Many may suffer because of this, rather than solving problems like this, many have supported this unhealthy lifestyle. The situation in America is a great example, ignoring healthy foods and substituting it with fast foods have greatly spread across the all the states. Take a look at the deadliest foods found in this country

Fake Doctor’s Note – Your Excuse for the Good Life


anonymousMy name is Joe Connolly, and for almost 35 years I worked in a steel mill. My father worked there, so did my grandfather. It’s long, hard work but I’m strong and it’s what I grew up with and I never thought of doing anything else.

When I got into my late 40s the work started getting to me. I had arthritis all over my body, bad knees and breathing problems. For a long time I just sucked it up and went to work. I had to take more sick days but never enough where the company wrote me up. I had hardly ever gone to a doctor before but my kids finally made me go, and he said it was mostly just wear and tear, something he would expect to see.

I should say that I live in a company town, so the doctors aren’t usually on the patient’s side, they’re on the steel mill’s side. Maybe I should have gone into the city to see a better doctor, but that would take a whole day and I never did it. Read more here.

The harder it got for me to work, the more I started thinking about retiring. But my pension doesn’t kick in until I’m 60 and that’s a long way off. The only way out is a medical retirement and there’s no way the doctors in my town were going to give it to me. I got more and more sure I was going to die on the floor of the mill.

Then a great thing happened, I was talking to my union rep and he told me that a while ago someone else was in the exact same situation, until he got a fake doctors note saying that he couldn’t work anymore. I was pretty doubtful since the company knows all the doctors here, but he said to make the documents all from a hospital in the big city and not from our town.

One week I was pretty desperate because I could barely move enough to get out of bed and go to work, so I decided to give the fake doctor letter thing a try. I found a great site that had all kinds of fake notes, so I had my wife download them and play around. She came up with some really official looking stuff saying I wasn’t fit to work anymore, and I gave it to my union rep.

And before I knew it, the company sent me a registered letter saying my disability retirement had been okayed, at full pay. I’m writing this in my third month of retirement and I can’t remember being so happy and relieved. My union guy did the best thing for me that anyone ever did, other than my wife.


anonymousI always look for ways to get around the rules…everyone else does it, so why not me?

A while ago I found a great site that has all sorts of fake doctor’s notes, and I’ve used them a number of times when I’ve needed to skip work for a day or two. But one day I was at the airport and saw someone walk up to the counter and give the person there a letter…the person put his ticket in a blue envelope and he went over to wait in the “disabled boarding” area. So I asked the man what was on the note, and he said it was from his doctor saying he had an artificial hip and needed to board early. Click here for more info.

My brain started turning…so when I got home I looked at the fake doctors letters that I had on my computer. There were all kinds of them, so I picked out a couple I had never used before. One was from a pulmonology doctor, and I filled it out saying that I had trouble breathing because of chronic bronchitis. Another was a form showing I had just been released from the emergency room after a car accident…and it had a place where I could put that because of damage to my ribs I had to walk very slow and careful and always have pillows around me when I sat down.

The next time I had to fly across the country I filled in the right dates on my fake doctors excuses and showed them at the counter. At first they weren’t sure they were going to let me fly at all because of the fake ER form, but I showed them how I could “walk around OK’ but just very slowly. A supervisor had to approve everything but they said it was alright to fly, they gave me one of those blue envelopes…and then the supervisor said that the flight wasn’t full, so they were going to upgrade me to FIRST CLASS where I would be more comfortable and the stewardesses could take care of me better. How about that?


anonymousfI am a 36 year old stay at home mom (kids age 13, 10, 9 and 8) with some health issues, and we don’t have a lot of money. My husband works two jobs to support us and I take care of the house and kids. We manage but just barely.

Last year I got a jury duty notice in the mail. There’s no way I could leave the kids to spend days in a courthouse so I looked at the back of the form to see what I could check off to get out of it. It had a box for something like “full time caregiver” so I checked it off and filled in the details and sent it back. A few weeks after that I got a form letter saying my “appeal was denied.”

That sounded crazy so I called the courthouse. I had to wait on the phone forever but finally talked to a woman who didn’t really have much sympathy. She said my kids were all school aged so I could do jury duty because they’d be in school. I asked who would take care of them when they came home and she said “it doesn’t matter, a relative or a friend.” I told her I didn’t have anyone who could do that but she didn’t care, she said the appeal was denied.

I didn’t know what to do next so I went online and searched for stuff about getting out of jury duty. One of the things I read on a messageboard talked about fake doctors notes so I looked into it and found that they’re easy to get and hardly ever get challenged. Read our homepage for more info on notes.

There’s no way I would leave my kids at home along so I didn’t see any other choice, and I found a great site that had all kinds of fake doctor excuses. Since I already have some trouble getting around anyway, I got one from a chiropractor and made it say that I wasn’t mobile for hours at a time. I sent it in as a medical excuse, and it only took two weeks before I was excused. It was amazing, they didn’t care about my kids, but took the fake doctor note without a question.

What makes this story really important for my family is that this year my husband got a jury duty notice and there’s no way he can take time off from work, we just can’t afford it. This time we didn’t even worry about it, he got his own fake doctors note and got out of jury duty right away. They have really saved my family. Thank you.


anonymousMy name is Sam, and I’m the kind of person who has always tried to do the right thing. I play by the rules and obey the laws. I went to school, studied hard, got good grades, got my degree and started a career. At work I did my job well and advanced to middle management. It let me have a nice house for my family while I did work that I really loved.

But I guess good things don’t always happen to good people, because my boss almost ruined my life. I’m not the type of person who would even dream of using something like a fake doctor’s note, but it completely saved my career.

I was meeting my quotas and knew I was doing a good job but for some reason, my immediate supervisor hated me. Maybe he thought I was a threat to him, I’ll probably never know. At any rate, he started harassing me. First it was just little comments, then he was rejecting my work for no reason, and finally he started giving me projects that made no sense and couldn’t be completed as they were laid out. Whenever I couldn’t deliver what he had asked for I got warning letters. He was obviously laying things out so that he could fire me.

I went to human resources, I sent memos to higher-ups in the company, but nothing helped. I knew I was close to being canned, so I found an inexpensive lawyer who dealt with employment issues.

What he said shocked me. He said we could go to court, but it would be expensive and might hurt my ability to ever work anywhere else. He suggested something I never would have done on my own, getting a fake doctors letter that said I had a medical condition which required me to work at home. It would get me away from my boss and let the company see that I was really a productive and valuable employee. Need doctor’s notes visit our homepage.

I spent a couple of sleepless nights thinking about doing something that’s completely unlike me. But I did it. I got a fake doctor note saying that I had degenerative disc disease and couldn’t move around easily, and supported it with several other fake hospital letters documenting ER visits and admissions. Of course, I also limped around the office very slowly to support my claims.

Within a month, HR had approved my request to work at home. Not only have I gotten away from that boss (who I hear is close to being fired himself now, because he did the same thing to someone else), my productivity increased and I’ve gotten a raise.

I still live my life obeying the rules, but I’m glad I skirted the rules on this one, It was a job-saver.


anonymousfI am a college student in Georgia and have never been out of the country. I figured I never would get a chance to do it.

Then one day my parents got incredibly lucky. They had entered a sweepstakes earlier this year, and unbelievably won a trip for four people to go to Europe. But the trip could only be on very specific dates. They wanted to take me and my brother with them but the trip was right in the middle of my final exams. I knew I was screwed since there was no way school would let me skip finals even though I’d probably never have another chance to go overseas. I was a wreck just thinking about it.

I got lucky too though because my roommate had a great idea. She had once gotten a fake doctors note from a website so that she could ditch classes for a week and it worked like a charm. She suggested I give it a try because I had nothing to lose.

So I went to the site she used and found that they had all kinds of notes and letters there, including really cool, long letters like the ones you’d get if you had been in the hospital for a while. I wasn’t sure that it would work, but the letter looked really, really good. I talked to my parents about it and they actually thought it was a good idea, because they thought a week in Europe would be a lot better education for me than taking tests that I could just make up.

I got the letter, filled everything in so it was ready, and then left for Europe. We went to England, France and Germany, and it was totally amazing. We saw castles and museums, ate amazing food and even though we didn’t know what people were saying a lot of the time, it was a fabulous experience. Read this article.

When I got back, I brought the fake hospital letter to the dean’s office. They were more worried about whether I was OK than whether the letter was real! I got my exams rescheduled for later in the summer and there were no problems at all.

It’s really incredible that I would have missed out on a trip I always dreamed about just because of someone’s decision to schedule exams on a certain week. I’m just really happy that my roommate told me about what a fake doctors note can do, and I recommend it to anyone who has the same kind of problem I did.