anonymousfI am a college student in Georgia and have never been out of the country. I figured I never would get a chance to do it.

Then one day my parents got incredibly lucky. They had entered a sweepstakes earlier this year, and unbelievably won a trip for four people to go to Europe. But the trip could only be on very specific dates. They wanted to take me and my brother with them but the trip was right in the middle of my final exams. I knew I was screwed since there was no way school would let me skip finals even though I’d probably never have another chance to go overseas. I was a wreck just thinking about it.

I got lucky too though because my roommate had a great idea. She had once gotten a fake doctors note from a website so that she could ditch classes for a week and it worked like a charm. She suggested I give it a try because I had nothing to lose.

So I went to the site she used and found that they had all kinds of notes and letters there, including really cool, long letters like the ones you’d get if you had been in the hospital for a while. I wasn’t sure that it would work, but the letter looked really, really good. I talked to my parents about it and they actually thought it was a good idea, because they thought a week in Europe would be a lot better education for me than taking tests that I could just make up.

I got the letter, filled everything in so it was ready, and then left for Europe. We went to England, France and Germany, and it was totally amazing. We saw castles and museums, ate amazing food and even though we didn’t know what people were saying a lot of the time, it was a fabulous experience. Read this article.

When I got back, I brought the fake hospital letter to the dean’s office. They were more worried about whether I was OK than whether the letter was real! I got my exams rescheduled for later in the summer and there were no problems at all.

It’s really incredible that I would have missed out on a trip I always dreamed about just because of someone’s decision to schedule exams on a certain week. I’m just really happy that my roommate told me about what a fake doctors note can do, and I recommend it to anyone who has the same kind of problem I did.

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