Why We Do This

This site is owned and operated by several “anonymous” human resource professionals, who have become frustrated with “mainstream” attitudes toward employees and the work environment.

We believe in a supportive, positive workplace where peoples’ needs are just as important as the numbers on their time sheets. The proper way to handle sick leave, personal time and emergency leave is to go case-by-case. However, prevailing policies around the country are to treat everyone, and every situation, as equal.

Sick? Where’s your note. Emergency? Where’s your proof? No consideration is given to whether an employee is productive, honest or valued. Everyone’s the same. No doctor’s note? You’re docked. You’re punished. You’re suspended. You’re fired.

It shouldn’t like that. But as long as it is, we believe that fake doctors’ notes are often the only way for an honest employee to survive in a tainted system. For that reason, we want to showcase examples of how people who have been mishandled by “the system” can find a viable solution – at least until corporate attitudes change.

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